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Working with a professional soundproofing company is a reliable way of getting the peace and quiet a customer always dreamed about. London Sound Solutions has been delivering phenomenal designs for years now, making sure the clients’ needs are met and they are happy with the final product. Using dependable materials, the obtained knowledge and passion, they create solutions tailored to individual requests and tastes. The company offers project drafting and then its finalisation – soundproofing floors, walls, ceilings and other surfaces.

Proper insulations

One of the many services London Sound Solutions offers is soundproofing floors – taking care they have the proper insulations, the needed amount of layers to muffle the noise and the adequate vibration collectors. The care they put in every design of theirs is extremely important if a person wants to make sure their footsteps are not heard in the apartments below them. Soundproofing floors is an inseparable part of insulating the entire apartment, only the combination of preparing all the surfaces in a room and using professional materials is going to result in a quiet and undisturbed house.

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