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Mister Echappement, a reliable online shop, offers you a wide selection of spare parts for the exhaust system in your vehicle. You will be able to choose and order an adequate particulate filter, catalytic converter or a silencer. These components are crucial for a car to work properly, but also take a big part in reducing the toxic substances produced by the engine. Each element available in the shop has been made scrupulously from quality materials. Thanks to the large collection, each customer will be able to find a product fitting his vehicle.

FAP for Seat, Renault and other brands

The company's offer includes DPF, also known as FAP, for Seat, Renault, Toyota and various other brands of cars. The acronym means diesel (or gasoline) particulate filter, a component behind the process of cleansing the exhaust gases from various toxic substances. FAP's construction is based on a metal box with a web of densely packed tubules. Their task is to stop the larger soot particles from being released into the atmosphere. Once a large amount of those has gathered on the filter it has to be regenerated by increasing its temperature and burning them.


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