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MAGIC PRINT - Castle Oaks | R93 D5K8 Carlow Town | phone No.: +48 0852278377

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Magic Print is a professional manufacturer of branded merchandise of the highest quality, like custom engraved pens, logo mugs and personalised keyrings. The company makes sure every projects that the customers entrust them with is prepared meticulously and that the final product looks aesthetically pleasing. Such an attention to detail is extremely important especially if the client wants to use them as some form of advertisement of their business – the gadgets needs to look good and serve a purpose to not become completely forgotten.


One of the most popular items, custom engraved pens, are frequently ordered by the companies from all over the Isles. Most of the time they are used as cheap promotional merchandise given out to people during a variety of events, but they also serve as branded office equipment. Custom engraved pens are made of metal, because the process of engraving would ruin any other material. Since companies interested in ordering a production of personalised items may have different requests and expectations, Magic Print prepared many different types of pens to choose from.

Offer: Custom engraved pens

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