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Lovter.com is a mine of information about ecological fireplaces. It is an online journal available for free in many languages (for example in English, German, French and Polish). It is a great place for everyone who is interested in modern interior design. You can be always up-to-date with the latest trends and browse the photos of amazingly beautiful projects. There are models that can be mounted in walls or detached. Moreover, you can find the ones which have been designed as garden decorations.

Numerous advantages of bio fireplaces

It is important to keep in mind that bio fireplaces are not only beautiful, but amazingly useful as well. Namely, replacing the traditional variants with them means that you will not pollute the environment with smoke anymore. Using ethanol or ceramic pieces instead of coal and wood is amazingly beneficial for the quality of the air. These materials do not produce any smoke, therefore any connection to a chimney is not necessary. It makes it possible to mount a fireplace in an apartment as well.

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